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Product code: ST-AS

905,25 + VAT

€ 1.207,00+ VAT

Biofireplace Aspe

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Automatic Pellet Charger

Product code: 50970

552,50 + VAT

€ 650,00+ VAT

Automatic Pellet Charger

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Product code: BSSU NE

2.150,64 + VAT

€ 2.987,00+ VAT

Bioethanol Fireplace Model Big Square with n. 2 Burner Fire-02


Product code: ET-02

55,00 + VAT

Bio ethanol fuel, box of 8 tanks 2 Lt each.

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Product code: ST-BO

1.726,90 + VAT

€ 2.467,00+ VAT

Biofireplace Boat

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Product code: FIRE-00

420,30 + VAT

€ 467,00+ VAT

Bioethanol burner measure 26x15x8 cm

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Product code: FIRE-02

600,30 + VAT

€ 667,00+ VAT

Bioethanol burner measures 50x15x8 cm

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Cast iron fireplace plate thickness 0,8 cm

Product code:

45,00 + VAT

Cast iron fireplace plate thickness 1,2cm different available measures.

Cast iron fireplace plate thickness 1,2cm

Product code:

323,00 + VAT

Cast iron fireplace plates thickness 1,2cm assorted measures.

Cast iron fireplace plates grain model 50x70x1

Product code: FO.036

124,00 + VAT

Cast iron fireplace plates Grain model 50x70x1cm.

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