Vented Insert Nestor Martin IQ 43 14Kw

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Product code NM.IQ43
Category Ventilated Fireplaces
Brand Nestor Martin

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Nestor Martin:
Our tradition in the casting of cast iron has always been accompanied by a continuous interest in technological innovation and constant research into improving quality. Nestor Martin stoves and inserts are designed and manufactured thanks to the exceptional experience handed down from generation to generation for over 150 years. Each model in our range is available in various sizes with a choice of different power ratings. So you'll always have the confidence to find a Nestor Martin product that meets your needs.

Nestor Martin inserts offer exceptional warmth in your home. Thanks to their clean and contemporary lines, they distinguish a furnishing element that harmoniously integrates into the heart of your home. In addition to soft radiant heat, the Nestor Martin inserts, by means of an integrated fan with two hot air outlets, allow you to channel the heat produced throughout the house. By having an automatic shutdown system of the ventilation system, they prevent, when the door is opened, that the fan sucks in any ashes and spreads them into the room. Available in various shapes and sizes, with different powers.

- Height: 666mm (Main Body)
- Width: 692mm
- Depth: 498mm

- Nominal heat output: 10,5 Kw
- Min-Max heat output: 2-14 Kw

- Energy Efficiency: 80%
- Weight: 182Kg
- Smoke outlet top: 180mm
- CO: 0,06

Special Specifications:
- Self-cleaning "IR" self-cleaning glass with controlled thermal emission
- Woodbox® Combustion Technology
- Temperature modulating thermostatic regulation
- Ash drawer
- Continuous fire (minimum operation for 10 hours)
- Programmable thermostatic remote control, accessory
- Internal combustion chamber protectors in cast iron

-Thermosatatic remote control to automate your stove (woodbox tecnologie)
- Frame: 3 sides, width 25 mm.
- Frame: 3 sides width 50 mm.
- Frame: 4 sides width 25 mm.
- Frame: 4 sides 50 mm wide.

Wood Box Technology and Nestor Martin Fireplace Technical Specifications Illustration Video:

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