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Bioethanolo Stone Type:
Moon stone white

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Product code ST-VI
Brand Altro Fuoco

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Bioflame design
Furnishing elements that create a suggestive atmosphere and increase the value of the house furnishing and the garden, producing at the same time a pleasant heating.
They can be installed in every environment also without chimney-stack and can be easily displaced.
They are stocked by a natural product derived by vegetables (Bioethanol). The Bioethanol that is an ethylic biological methylated spirits, is obtained by natural biomasses as for example corn, potatoes, sugar-beets, etc.

The design signed by architects and designers of international level, allows a perfect integration in classical and modern spaces making the furnishing of the house and the garden valuable and exclusive.

The ecological chimneys do not need of a chimney-stack and they consume a renewable and not polluting fuel.
The bio-chimney is commonly used as a complement for the furnishing, as it is easy to place, it is safe, it creates a suggestive atmosphere, but it is not sufficient to be used as a heater in sostitution of the classical installation; it is, however, the best solution if it is a matter of furnishing a passive house or at a low energetic consumption.
The principal characteristic of this kind of combustion is that of not leaving in the surrounding any smell and to produce only a quantity of dioxide carbon (CO2) equal to the one produced by a person in a room; in particular it is an ecological system because the quantity emitted by CO2 with the combustion it is the same of the one which has been absorbed some year ago with the chlorophyll photosynthesis.
The flame is adjustable in height and as a consequence it is possible to regulate the duration of the fuel, by the way it is a flame that produces a certain heating, sufficient to heat adequately about thirty square meters of apartment; no sparkles are produced. Please note that not existing the chimney-stack, there isn’t any heating dispersion, so that the result (the output) is of 100%.

Serie Moon
Different designs and shapes, all made of white Moon stone, the special line of furniture Moon pots come in shapes and sizes that allow the use of both outside and inside.

Tecnical features:
Biofireplace in moon stone hand made with waterproof application. Included burner FIRE 0.
Dimensions: diameter cm 40 x H66
Packaging dimensions: cm L46 x P46 x H70
Weight Kg: 68 (without burner)
Finished: Moon stone

ALTRO FUOCO thinks about wellness. The burners are designed both for heating than to create a relaxing and aromatherapy atmosphere in the spaces they are located.
A special vane on the top of the burner let the determination of soluble aromatic essences, it also allows the room humidification to avoid an excessive drying air. Just a few drops of essence let the fragrance perfumes the environment by heating the mixture.

Frequently Answered Questions
Does the biofireplace warm?
Altro Fuoco burner spreads about 4 kw/h. Moreover, the burner produces 100% heating because there’s no leakage through the chimney

Does it need a chimney?
Altro Fuoco  fireplaces don’t need any chimney, the bioethanol combustion doesn’t produce toxic substances

Altro Fuoco fireplaces can be placed anywhere, they are provided with wheels or movable.

Altro Fuoco fireplaces shouldn’t be cleaned from ashes, but you can clean them as other furniture.

Altro Fuoco fireplaces don’t require any special maintenance. Pay attention: not to refill with bioethanol when the burner is still hot or running.

Where can I buy bioethanol?
It’s possible to order bioethanol directly from our dealers, it is important to use pure bioethanol (96%)

What’s bio ethanol?
Bioethanol is produced through a fermentation process of various agricultural products rich in carbohydrates and sugars such as cereals, sugar crops, starch and pomace. The raw materials for bioethanol production can be enclosed in the following classes:
•    Oriented Crops (mais, sorghum, barley, beet and sugar cane).
•    Agricultural crops and forestry residues.
•    Temporary and occasional agricultural excesses.
•    Agricultural processing industries and agro-food residues.
The process of bioethanol production generates several products with an economic value destinated to feed, to co-produced of electricity and heat, etc...)

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