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Bioethano Metal Colours:
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Brand Altro Fuoco

Colors and Finishes

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Biofiamma design
Elements that create a charming atmosphere and enhance the decor of the house and garden while producing a pleasant warming.
Can be placed in any room even with no chimney and are easy to move.
They are fed a natural product derived from plants (bioethanol). Bioethanol is an alcohol that is denatured ethyl biological produced from the distillation of natural biomass such as corn, potatoes, sugar beets, etc. ..
The design by architects and designers worldwide, enables seamless integration in classical and modern environments enhancing and making exclusive home furnishing and garden.

The environmentally-friendly fireplaces (or fire in a fireplace) do not require a chimney and consume fuel renewable and non-polluting. The bio fireplace is normally used as a complement to the decor, as it is easy to place, it is safe, creates an inviting atmosphere, but it is not enough to use as a heating system to replace classic, but instead is a good idea if you These furnish a passive or low energy consumption.
The main characteristic of this type of combustion is to not release any odor in the environment and to produce only a quantity of carbon dioxide (CO2), equal to that produced by the presence of a human being in the room; in particular is an ecological system because the amount of CO2 emitted by combustion is the same as that which was absorbed a few years earlier with photosynthesis.
The flame is adjustable in height and therefore you can adjust the duration of the fuel, is a flame that still produces a strong heat, enough to adequately heat an area of about 30 square meters, it also has the characteristic of not produce sparks. Recall that, since there is the chimney, there is no loss of heat, for which the yield is 100%.

Wave (designed by Domenico Lo Giudice)
Inspired all'ondeggiare Flame Wave is proposed as a center of the room. Two sides to make the crystal wave design in a void. Wheels as an option.

Bio-fireplace-room coffee table made of metal painted in various colors. Complete with burner FIRE-02.

Dimensions: L108 x D42 x H40 Inches
Measurements Packaging: L112 x P46 x H44 cm
Weight Kg: 36 (including burner)
Finish: Painted metal

Features Burner FIRE-02
Rectangular Burner in stainless steel complete with firestone.
Dimensions: L50 x P15 x H8 Inches
Kw Heat Output: 4.5 Kw Kw / h
Fuel tank capacity: 1.8 liters
Focus Range: 3.5 hours
Packing Dimensions: L54 x P17 x H10 cm
Weight: 9 kg
Finish: Stainless Steel

OTHER FIRE think of wellness. Other Fire burners in addition to the heating function are designed to create an atmosphere of relaxation and aromatherapy environment in which they are located.
A special compartment in the top of the burner allows the dosage of water-soluble aromatic essences. It also allows the humidification of the room in which they are used in a manner not to allow excessive drying air. Just a few drops of essence dissolved with water to allow the scent of the environment thanks to the heating of the mixture.

The bio fireplace warms?
Like any flame burner More Fire develops approx. 4 kw / h. In addition, the burner produces heat to 100% because there is no leakage through the flue and the calorific product remains in the room.

Serves chimney?
Other Fire fireplaces do not require any flue, because the combustion of ethanol does not produce toxic substances that must be carried out through the chimney.

Other Fire fireplaces having no need for flue can be placed anywhere and are supplied on wheels or movable.

Other Fire fireplaces must not be cleaned from the ashes, but can be cleaned as other furniture.

Other Fire fireplaces do not require special maintenance only trick is to not recharge Bioethanol when the burner is still hot or running.

Where can I buy Bioethanol?
And 'possible to order directly Bioethanol on our website, it is important to use pure bioethanol at least 96%.

What is bioethanol
Bioethanol is produced by a process of fermentation from biomass or from various agricultural products rich in carbohydrates and sugars such as cereals, sugar crops, starchy foods and marc. The raw materials for the production of bioethanol can be enclosed in the following classes:
• ad hoc crops (maize, sorghum, barley, sugar beet and sugar cane).
• Residues of agricultural crops and forest.
• Surplus agricultural temporary and occasional.
• Residues from processing of agricultural and agro-food industries.
The process of production of bioethanol generates, depending on the feedstock used, different by-products with economic value (destined, as appropriate, to animal feed, the co-production of electricity and heat, etc..).

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