The fireplace Artistic CH701CCS

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Focolare con centralina

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Product code CH701CCS
Brand L'Artistico

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The combustion chamber is entirely constructed by a double wall where the water circulates to heat, right, left, behind and above, which allows full use of all energy generated by burning wood. The recovered heat by radiation from the glass is approximately 4Kw then it is sometimes unnecessary to install a heater in the area where the hearth boiler is present unless they are higher powers.

High yield
The combustion is controlled as a function of adjustment that set from 1 to 9 on the front regulator, by a special bimetallic thermostat that automatically opens and closes the passage of primary air to keep the combustion at constant speed. The maximum speed of 9 is only recommended for the ignition.

Code CH701CCS = CH701C + KIT ACS
The thermocouple works as an open vessel while the heating system and the boiler operate as a closed vessel. It can be installed on the ground floor and also heated on the first floor. Complete with open expansion vessel, 2 exchangers, 2 hydraulic pumps, hydraulic pipe sets, all mounted on the thermocouple. Complete with pump control unit. Automatic air inlet valve for better control of combustion. Steel combustion chamber with cast iron grid, high thickness steel baffle.

- Measurements: 940x662x1600h (space max) mm.
- Heat output: 19.5 kW
- Heat output to water: 12 Kw
- Poetnza thermal environment: 7.5 kW
- Yield: 70.5%
- Weight: 205Kg
- Flue outlet diameter: 200mm Internal
- Maximum testing pressure:1,5 bar

The hearth will be sent home packed in a wooden crate. Inside you will find instructions for proper installation of vostroTermocamino, The control panel for 1 pump, the libretto of a plant (by giving your chimney sweep or stove fitter for annual maintenance), ensuring that varies from model to model and ranges from 2 to 5 years on the hearth.
You'll also find tools (rake ashes and cold handgrip).

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