Soapstone stove Gardone 10

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Brand Geos

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Beautiful soapstone stove heating with generous soul, Gardone gives functionality and carratteristiche accumulation of soapstone stoves with convection power of fireplaces venitlazione forced. In this way the heating soul take on the temperature of your home in the speed and the stone cladding Soapstone will think to release it for many hours even empty fireplace.

- Geos warms even when you're not at home
- Radiant Heat 80% and 20% convective heat
- Uniform temperature: no more hot head and cold feet.
- Earn fast and slowly releases heat in 12 - 24 hours
- With 18 ° at home will experience a feeling of well being, the temperature is constant and due to the penetration of radiant heat up to 4mm under the skin, you'll always hot. So in winter, you can reduce your intake of fatty foods to protect yourself from the cold. Never look at the thermometer, but your well-being.
- Cleaning and maintenance costs to a minimum, you can do it yourself.
- Your forever even if you move house, you can remove and replace countless times.
- No more loss of heat by an open window, thanks to the properties of radiant heat.
- Who are allergic to dust mites will eventually heat up in a healthy and natural.
- Infrared rays of a burning Geos are like a warm spring sun and well-being that does not alter the humidity.

available Sizes
  - Cm. 800x500x1360h (maximum quota)

- Gross vehicle weight: 900Kg
- Soul heating: Insert the fan artisitico Tommy Quadro 70x70cm
- Minimum Capacity radiant stone: 28 square meter
- Nominal power covettiva hearth: 12,5 kW (310 m3)
- Charges recommended daily: 5
- Average consumption of burning time: 2 kg / h
- Total maximum daily loads allowed: 100Kg
- Diameter of flue: 150mm / 140mm can
- Chimney height: 5 feet minimum

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