Kal-fire gas fireplace Fairo 60

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Accessori focolari a gas:
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Brand Kal Fire

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Is practical and can be installed almost anywhere, even in places where it was not possible a wood burning fireplace. It 's clean and not pollute: Fireplaces Category B have an efficiency up to' 85%. With a remote control switch on, slide rule and turn off the flame safely. In northern Europe today is the most common type of heating. There are 2 types of gas fireplaces: Type B and Type C. Category B: are the homes with or without glass that draw air for combustion from the room and evacuate the exhaust gases to a normal chimney like a fireplace. Category C: those are the fireplaces with glass to "room sealed" with a special coaxial tube, pick up the combustion air from outside and evacuate the exhaust gases. Today the homes of Type B and C are very safe: all CE
Installing a gas fireplace is also much simpler than that of a fireplace, however, must be made by qualified and experienced personnel. All homes can be designed to run on either natural gas or LPG (natural gas standard preparation, ask the type of gas used, can not be changed at a later time!) When ordering specify the type of preparation

Closed hearth sealed chamber at the highest rendimanto up to 80%, gas connection and separate control unit can be positioned up to 4 meters from the fireplace, complete with remote control for switching, and dimming.

- "Fairo represents the latest generation of gas fireplaces in the house was born Kal-Fire
- Fireplaces are sealed room with very high efficiency, up to 88%
- The line is totally clean for a perfect view of the fire: metal profile in view only the top. Glass removable by suction cups provided.
- Reduced depth (only 33cm) and height of hearth of only 9 cm
- Fitting coaxial tubes of 100/150mm, with the possibility of installation from the inside.
- Draw guaranteed in every situation: they can work with only 1 meter vertical and horizontal up to 7 meters.

Available Sizes
- Cm. 773 x 34 x 832 h

- Type C sealed chamber, natural draft
- Flue: 100/150mm coaxial
- Distance from flammable materials: 50 cm
- Intake air temperature: not necessary
- Control functions: digital remote control Biko programabile
- Weight 75Kg
- Entry by air convection slits along the edge of the glass and if possible, make nozzle of 200 cm2
- Complete with wood charcoals ceramic (standard)
white stones (on request)
- Combustion chamber in black metal, smooth (standard)

Methane Data Sheet
- Heat output: 6.2 Kw
- Energy Efficiency:> 87%
- Gas Category: I2H
- Designation of classification: C11/C31/C31S
- Type of gas: G20
- Supply pressure: 20 mbar
- Burner Pressure: 18.8 mbar
- For connecting power: 7.1 Kw
- Gas consumption (min-max): 0.39 - 0.75 m3 / h

Data sheet LPG
- Heat output: 6.76 kW
- Energy Efficiency:> 87%
- Gas Category: I3P
- Designation of classification: C11/C31/C31S
- Type of gas: G31
- Supply pressure: 37 mbar
- Burner Pressure: 36.0 mbar
- For connecting power: 7.75 Kw
- Gas consumption (min-max): 0.11 to 0.32 m3 / h

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