Kal-fire gas fireplace Fairo 90 3 glasses front

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Product code 29557
Brand Kal Fire

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Closed hearth room sealed, double-flame burner for a more realistic and spectacular, just above the air outlet, ideal if you need to have the upper wall to the cold hearth (for example to place a plasma TV), complete with remote control for power, control and off.

- Twin stands for double burner, placed on two levels at different heights for a more realistic flame that can hardly be distinguished from a traditional wood-burning fireplace.
- Open door glass for easy cleaning of the glass.
- Profile glass very discreet.
- High heat output (see specifications)

available Sizes
  - Cm. 420x 950 x 785 h (maximum quota)

- Type C sealed chamber, natural draft
- Flue: 100/150mm coaxial
- Gas connection: 3/8 positioned on the left side
- Distance from flammable materials: 50 cm
- Intake air temperature: not necessary
- Control functions: digital remote control Biko programabile
- Weight 111kg
- Outlet air vents Convention: No. 2 150mm
- Air inlet Convention: No. 2 150mm
- Complete with wood charcoals ceramic (standard)
- Combustion chamber in black metal, smooth (standard)

MethaneData Sheet
  - Heat output: 6.7 Kw
  - Energy efficiency: 78%
  - Gas Category: I2H
  - Designation of classification: C11/C31/C31S
  - Type of gas: G20
  - Supply pressure: 20 mbar
  - Burner Pressure: 19.1 mbar
  - For connecting power: 8.6 Kw
  - Gas consumption (max): 0.91 m3 / h

Data sheetLPG
  - Heat output: 6.4 Kw
  - Energy efficiency: 75%
  - Gas Category: I3P
  - Designation of classification: C11/C31/C31S
  - Type of gas: G31
  - Supply pressure: 37 mbar
  - Burner Pressure: 36 mbar
  - For connecting power: 8.5 Kw
  - Gas consumption (max): 0.32 m3 / h

NB: if you want tospecifythe angleof the glass onthe left sideor right sidein the dropdown menu.

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