Cast iron fireplace plate thickness 1cm

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Lastre lisce 1cm:
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The Cast Iron fireplace platesas well asbeingapreciousornamentensurelonger lifeto your fireplacethanks to impressivequalityof the iron, whichstoresandreflectsheatfor may hours.Theplatesrecoveredmore than30% of the heatof thefirethatnormallyescapesthroughthe chimney.

- Fuzion iron Plates EN GJL 200 UNI EN 1561
- hand brushed finish cast iron
- Special retaining metal staples

Available Sizes
  - Cm. L40 x H50 x 1Thickness (weight 13kg)
  - Cm. L40 x H60 x 1
Thickness (weight 16kg)
  - Cm. L50 x H50 x 1
Thickness (weight 16.50 kg)
  - Cm. L50 x H60 x 1
Thickness (weight 19.10 kg)
  - Cm. L50 x H70 x 1
Thickness (weight 26kg)
  - Cm. L50 x H75 x 1
Thickness (weight 28Kg)
  - Cm. L50 x H80 x 1
Thickness (weight 32Kg)
  - Cm. L60 x H60 x 1
Thickness (weight 24kg)
  - Cm. L60 x H70 x 1
Thickness (weight 33kg)
  - Cm. L60 x H80 x 1
Thickness (weight 35 Kg)
  - Cm. L70 x H70 x 1
Thickness (weight 35 Kg)
  - Cm. L61 x H88 x 1
Thickness (weight 42kg)
  - Cm. L61 x H94 x 1
Thickness (weight 45kg)
  - Cm. L80 x H80 x 1
Thickness (weight 50kg)
  - Cm. L80 x H90 x 1
Thickness (weight 56kg)
  - Cm. L80 x H100 x 1
Thickness (weight 78kg)

Technical Data
- Total weight: depends on the extent
- Capacity radiant distance: 30%

NB:RemembertoordertheappropriatemountinghooksNo2per plate.
NB:Remembertochoosethesizeof the platefrom thepulldown menu.

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