Kit using masonry barrel diameter 150/200mm

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Wood-sealed chamber using special coaxial tubes, which must meet certain standards for proper operation. And 'required the use of coaxial tubes that you will find exclusively endorsed by us. Each model can be installed in a different way for vertical and horizontal length of the flue. And 'therefore necessary, before installation, read the manual specific to the product or consult your authorized dealer for the sale of gas fireplaces.

- 316L stainless steel inner pipe, outer conduit 304 stainless
- Suitable percombustibile, liquid and gaseous
- Assembly of joints, mechanical seal
- Internal diameter of 150mm, 200mm Outside Diameter

available Sizes
  - Use kit barrel wall with square flange 30x30 cm (bottom adjustable)
    With this kit you can use an old brick chimneys, not intubabile, to operate the
    Your gas fire.

NB: Allcoaxial tubesareundereven though they havethe sealand clamp (not mandatory).

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