Fireplace Complete CS31

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Product code CS31700MP + D70V
Brand Vesuvio

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In the following we propose a promotion offering a must, a complete covering of stone / marble,
over the fireplace in our line Vesuvius Model D70, entirely of cast iron and high efficiency (over 70%) power 9.5KW, heated area 240m3 and 200mm diameter flue, complete flue gas valve.

Characteristics of the coating
The coating is made entirely of stone Brètignac French, similar to our Vicenza stone, easy to clean and pleasing to the touch. The floor where the fireplace appogia and shoulders are marble Tirèno. The coating will be supplied packed in a wooden crate.

Characteristics of the hearth
The fires of Vesuvius line are part of our economy line, but no less efficient, in fact, have
all showed a high yield (74%), heat resistant to over 800 ° C, ash tray integrated primary and secondary air control system with clean glass, independent of well 4/5 hours and 2 year warranty.
The hearths Vesuvius have a high yield due to a perfect heat exchange system, which reaches over 70%
This thanks to the special plane of the sky and smoke dome.
In addition, the homes have a double line Vesuvius air control: the primary air for combustion which is adjusted manually to get full control over combustion. The secondary air you need to increase the yield of the hearth and "refine" the burning.

Specifications of the hearth
- Measurements: 698x437x638h (max size mm.)
- Nominal heat output: 9.5 Kw
- Efficiency enrgetico: 80.6%
- Size of room: 240m3
- Co at 13% O2: 0.26%
- Maximum load of wood: 10Kg
- Hourly consumption of wood: 3.6kg
- Diameter of flue outlet: 200mm external
- Flue gas outlet temperature: 227 ° C
- Draw smoke Rating: 12PA
- Height of chimney: 5 meters
- Glass Size: 613x397x4mm
- Ventilation: No
- Valve smoke: No (D70) - Yes (D70V)

Technical characteristics of the coating
- Dimensions: L 130 x W 75 x H 90 (up to the hood, max size in cm)
- Base: Made of Stone Brètignac (French)
- Plan hearth: Made of Marble Tirene
- Shoulders: Made of Marble Tirene

NB: The cover does not include the hood plasterboard (as shown in photo), which will be mounted on the spot because it will be isolated with our hood insulation kit, available 
here cod.27407

NB: The hearth picture is not what you will be provided, one in the photo has prismatic glass (3-facet) is the promotional glass. (You can see on the cover or
here CS10)

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