Corrugated iron for BBQ plate

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  € 122,50

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Product code ONDULATA 5040
Brand FV

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Main Features:
Useful and convenient food for cast iron plate (made specifically for cooking) can be used on a burner or in combination with a wood burning or gas grill.
The grooves are designed to drain off the fat and oil of the cooking towards the outside.

Perfect for your dinner with friends, consider using it in several different ways for every need.

Easy to clean and with proof of eligibility for food.

Measurements: 50cm x 40cm thick. 4.0 Weight: 13.30 Kg
              43cm x 30cm thick. 3.5 Weight: 6.50 kg
              30cm x 20cm thick. 3.2 Weight: 3.70 kg
              30cm x 30cm thick. 3.2 Weight: 5.50 kg


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