Accumulabe stove NunnaUuni Genius

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Genius Colours:
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Product code 703241-1
Category Accumulation Stoves
Brand NunnaUuni

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NunnaUuni is an innovator in the field of product development and scientific research of heat-retaining fireplaces. The development of products for the heaters NunnaUuni is based on scientific research in the long term. The purpose of the research and development is also to grow the industry and the research on stoves in general. The collaboration with experts in fields such as geology, energy technology, construction, design and construction as well as the application of these concepts in the construction of traditional stoves is the starting point for research and development within the NunnaUuni.

An ingenious invention: the stove injector Genius is perfect for those who adopt a modern lifestyle and unconventional. The stove can be located almost anywhere and is easy and simple to install. Once lit, continue to release heat for more than 12 hours - ideal for early risers and for those who are used to staying up late. Genius is inexpensive, uses very little wood and does not require too much care: the innovative technology ensures the safety.

Standard color: White
Other colors available on request: Jet Black, Blueberry, Vanilla, Mocca, Lime

- Dimensions:
Ø 650 x H1930 mm
- CO%: 0,07%
- Weight: 535Kg
- Quantity of fuel (pieces of wood): 10Kg
- Technical Efficiency: 85%
- Power of heat storage stove: 100% (h) 2,5 - 50% (h) 9,6 - 25% (h) 15,3

- Nominal power and time: 2,9/2,0 kW/h
- Thermal energy: 35-40 kWh

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