Accumulabe stove NunnaUuni Centus 3

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Centus Colours:
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Product code 703221-3
Category Accumulation Stoves
Brand NunnaUuni

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Sleek lines and modern colors for a contemporary setting, this is the new stove injector Centus. Attention is drawn to the fundamental element: the great and pleasant flame, which burns longer and live more normal fires. This effect is due to the sophisticated interaction of fire, air and soapstone Mammutti of NunnaUuni. This technology has been tested by various institutes. Centus is simple to use and produces very little ash. Even this is the result of modern heating technology.

he extraordinary properties of soapstone Mammutti of NunnaUuni are the heart of this new heating technology. The soapstone is able to absorb a large amount of heat quickly and keep it for prolonged periods. And all with a compact form factor. Thanks to the technology of injection, these features are now even more extreme. While you enjoy the vivid and bright flame, the block of soapstone cleverly inserted into the nucleus accumulate almost all the heat. Continue to enjoy the heat for many hours. At the same time, only a small amount of the precious heat is lost up the chimney. This feature also improves the safety of the ceiling and covering structures.

Standard color: Pure White 9010
Other colors available on request: 9005 Jet Black, Blueberry, Vanilla, Mocca, Lime


- Dimensions: L644 x P564 x H1650mm
- Weight: 500Kg
- Quantity of fuel (pieces of wood): 10Kg
- Technical Efficiency: 85%
- Power of heat storage stove: 100% (h) 2,5 - 50% (h) 9,6 - 25% (h) 15,3
- Nominal power and time: 2,9/2,0 kW/h
- Thermal energy: 35-40 kWh

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