Soapstone stove AMA

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Product code 2U
Brand NunnaUuni

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The brand is a guarantee of NunnaUuni heata soapstone stove durable, reliable and long thermal storage. A timeless collection, from traditional and modern forms, from standard products to custom ones, from small to huge specimens. More than the forms, the choice is dictated by the use of the stove, the purpose, the size, the location of the stove in. All stoves NunnaUuni share a unique material, soapstone Mammutti and efficient heat production: a warming of a few hours is sufficient to ensure heat until the next day. What kind of stove you want, for what purpose, for what kind of environment? Happy journey into the world of lasting heat NunnaUuni. Discover the collection.

The stoves NunnaUuni accumulate heat and are therefore ideal for a wide range of heating applications. Being independent from other energy sources, are always a reliable tool to produce heat. Our collection includes heat-retaining fireplaces with oven, wood-fired ovens, ovens with hob and cooker. The NunnaUuni fireplaces are divided into three categories based on the thermal useful heat emitted daily, so as to make easier the choice of the stove can produce the right amount of heat for your home.

Available sizes
- 912x834x1536h (maximum dimensions in mm)

Technical Data:
- Total weight: 2280Kg

- Maximum amount of wood: 20 Kg
- Thermal energy
: 70 kWh

n.b: Each NunnaUuni fireplace is available in different versions: see PDF catalog.

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